Sparking Lifelong Health

According to Dr. John Ratey not only the wellbeing of your body is improved when you start regularly exercising. You also become mentally sharper, your memory is improved and your mood is instantly elevated. Everybody knows that a brisk walk outside gives us a boost, fresh air and moving limbs make us feel good. But what this groundbreaking book makes obvious is that exercise can revolutionise our approach to lifelong health – even when it comes to serious conditions like Alzheimerz, Attention Deficit Disorder, menopause, addiction and depression. In his book, the good doctor investigates the transformative effect that moving your body has on your mind and overall health – and he gives it to the reader in an engaging and entertaining way.

Exercise equipment including a turquoise rubber ball

So what? Everybody knows exercise is good

But not everybody knew it was this good. Spark presents complicated topics like neurogenesis (new brain cell growth) in comprehensible language. He gives clear supportive evidence of how our bodies produce chemical compounds like insulin and serotonin during exercise and how these compounds repair our bodies and minds, and keep us strong and healthy. Besides improving physical health, Dr Ratey explores the affect that movement has on us in regards to biochemical and psychological improvements.

Let’s get moving!

Will the doctor’s mind-blowing discoveries motivate readers to start a rigorous exercise regime? Maybe some will jump on that particular bandwagon with great gusto and reap in all the benefits, but unfortunately not all. Busy schedules and lack of motivation will ensure that. What is certain, is that Spark leaves the reader feeling that looking good and losing weight is only a side-effect of exercise. And although it is quite a pleasant side-effect, good mental and physical health is the ultimate prize.