An Auction moment – by Craig Berman

I experienced an auction moment yesterday which touched me deeply. I want to share it with you in the hope that we can be aware of the deeper meaning of what we do as a team.

Our brilliant auctioneer Pieter Geldenhuys was running through his lots yesterday and doing what great auctioneers do so well. In-between his auction patter, I called one of our BDM`s over to enquire about a certain property which was still coming up for sale. The BDM replied and directed me to the sellers who were sitting in the front left corner row, I subtly cast my eyes over to a middle aged couple neatly dressed and quietly watching the auction; they seemed eager and nervous at the same time and were watching the day’s events unfold with great interest and anticipation.

Just before their lot was called I moved to the front of the room and once again cast my eyes subtly over these sellers. In one of those moments that define human behaviour, the husband took his hand and placed it firmly onto his wife`s lap. He then took her hand and as they moved closer together, they both turned simultaneously to each other and looked deeply into each other’s eyes as if they were about to take the roller coaster ride of their lives. They held each other’s hands even tighter as the auctioneer began with their lot. This was it! Their future now depended on what was to transpire in the second’s ahead!

It was truly a profound moment for me as it brought to life a sense of humility and heart in what we do; it`s not all about the money guys it’s about having an inner conscious and doing the best that we can in every sense of this business because we so deeply touch the lives of the people we serve. Quite simply, we have the ability to have a profound impact on people and their situations.

Our business mission is to add value and build wealth for our clients and in a split-second moment I realised why we have been around for 20 years and why we have changed and pioneered the auction industry in this country. It’s because we have the ability to quickly change people’s lives and do something far more important than sell assets and make commissions.

No matter what you do in life always retain humility, do the best you can wherever you can for whomever you can; be aware of the sensitivity and the pain that most people are going through in the world we live and work in; be conscious of the people around you; because a part of their lives may well be in your hands.

If it’s not in your heart it makes no difference if it is in your head; so allow your clients to experience your tender side and watch your business soar.

So live every day with passion. Wishing you a wonderful day.


Craig Berman
National Head of Residential
Auction Alliance

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