32 Leadership Tips

I’m now in Rome with 13 members of the Levitt family terrorising the Eternal City. As I write this, sunlight floods through my window overlooking the Spanish steps, in the heart of this awesome city.

I really do my best thinking when I get off the “dance floor” and out of the work environment. Holidays are a much needed time to not only recharge ones batteries, but reflect on issues that we often don’t have time to think about with the pressures of being on the treadmill of daily life. But for me, it’s not easy to get off the dance floor.

Looking at the great results in June shows me what a great team we have built.  In fact, I can say without hesitation, that the management team we have in place today has never been better in our 20-odd years of existence.

I will be back on the treadmill next week Monday, but after 2 weeks of holiday, I wanted to download 32 fairly new insights on leadership which I have based on learnings and readings and provides a guide on how we can all become top notch leaders.

1. Average people are dedicated to leisure. The best people are devoted to learning.

2. The ordinary wait for the energy to do a task. The exceptional do the task because that’s how they get the energy.

3. A job is just a job if all you see it as is a job. Work is in fact a vehicle to promote self-expression of Your Creativity + Ingenuity + Talent.

4. The most precious asset of a businessperson isn’t time, its energy- manage yours well.

5. Love your family. What’s the point of attaining success, yet arriving alone?

6. Manners really matter. Say thank you, say please and be respectful. Remember that the ultimate test of a person is if they are well mannered to those with whom they have no direct connection or can do nothing for them.

7. If you’re in business, you’re in show business-and every day’s a performance. So go out there and perform like a rock star!

8. “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”, Oscar Wilde.

9. To double your income, triple your rate of learning. The best invest in their professional and personal development. Do you? What have you done to get better as a person, as a businessperson and as a human being?
10.  If you aren’t advancing as quickly as the company and people around you, you are making yourself redundant.

11.  Celebrate for a nano-second because if you celebrate too long- you become arrogant. The world has a funny way of tripping up those who act arrogantly and superior to others.

12.  The only primary purpose of our business is the delivery of as much unusual value to as many people as possible. Remember that in every interaction.

13.  Use music to boost your motivation, and using music while you exercise is a double winner! It’s the best endorphin that money doesn’t need to buy.

14.  Ideas without execution lead to self-delusion. What makes Google, Google, is not the idea behind it but the culture of execution that is Google.

15.  Don’t work at being world-class for the money or the ovations. Do it for the pride you feel in a job well done.

16.  Make goals every year. Break those goals down into quarterly goals, then monthly goals and finally weekly goals. Your daily to-do lists should reflect the direction of these goals.

17.  Write down your daily “to-do” lists every night before work. Write down your weekly “to do” lists on a Sunday night. Leaders don’t just rock up at work waiting for it all to come together.

18.  Keep a note pad and pen on you at all times. The most successful businesspeople keep the best notes in the most organised fashion.

19.  Work hard. Success stands at a foundation of hard work.

20.  Leaders leave a trail of leaders behind them. If you’re not developing the best in others, you’re not leading.

21.  You know you’re doing genius-level work when people start to dislike you. Business is not a popularity contest.

22.  Judge your performance by how much your clients love you and how much your competition hates you.

23.  Make time to have fun. Life is short, so enjoy the ride.

24.  If we have average people, we’ll have an average company. To have a great company, we have to hire and coach great people.

25.  You will become like the people you spend most of your time with. So choose those people wisely. Even if they are your family.

26.  Remember that your doubts are nothing more than the lies your fears have sold you.

27.  Leadership is simple. It’s not easy. But it’s really, really simple.  Anyone can be a leader, irrespective of title or position.

28.  If you’re not inspiring those around you, you’re not leading. You’re following.

29.  If you’re constantly trying to impress the people around you, you’re not leading. In fact, you’re doing the complete opposite. Remember that people are not stupid, they will make up their minds on what you do, and not by what you say you do.

30.  Leaders make the difficult decisions that followers ignore.

31.  Get belly to belly with your clients. Real relationships are not built on email, SMS, Facebook or by phone.

32.  And of course always remember that businesses are grown one relationship at a time. So ask yourself how you have done in this regard every single day just as you walk out the door to go home.

Ciao … I’m off to walk down the Spanish Steps (for the 92nd time) … I can never get enough of this city!