Auction Alliance and Rael Levitt beat the NCC in legal battle

During a legal fracas in the Western Cape High Court, it was found that Rael Levitt, Sango Ntsaluba and Bruce Sneddon of Auction Alliance are to be absolved from all penalties and that court costs are to be paid by the commissioner and the National Consumer Commissioner. The verdict was reached by the acting Judge Stelzner after evidence was given that a decision was made by the National Consumer Commissioner that caused a compliance notice being sent before Rael Levitt or any of the other parties involved in the case were awarded the opportunity to give any oral evidence in their defence. Auction Alliance and Rael Levitt’s legal man Alan Smiedt announced to the media that they would now approach the NCT with a request that the unlawful order of 10 percent of the company’s annual turnover to be overturned.

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