Auction Alliance partners with Habitat for Humanity and gives back to the community

Auction Alliance is excited to announce that it will be joining forces with Habitat for Humanity, an international non-profit organization devoted to building homes for the impoverished, to build a home for an underprivileged family in Mfuleni, a township located in Blue Downs, on the outskirts of Cape Town. With the help of volunteer labour, Habitat for Humanity has, since its inception in 1976, succeeded in building more than 400,000 homes throughout the world and has become a world leader in addressing poverty and housing issues.

On March 28, Auction Alliance staff will get down and dirty and come together with the common goal of building a home for a disadvantaged family. The ‘big build’ will take place between March 28 and April 1 and will see a group of between 10 and 12 volunteers building on a daily basis for five days.

As a company, Auction Alliance is determined to change the lives of ordinary South Africans. The hands-on approach adopted by Habitat for Humanity allows Auction Alliance as a whole to make a tangible difference in the lives of those less fortunate and provides employees with the opportunity to participate in a truly humbling experience.

In South Africa, the provision of basic infrastructure and housing remains one of the government’s biggest challenges. Habitat for Humanity not only provide underprivileged families with homes but new owners undergo training and counseling, where they are provided with the knowledge and skills to assist in the building of their own home, its maintenance and managing their finances. Prospective owners are required to perform ‘sweat equity’ and invest 500 hours into building their own house and the houses of others in their community.

Due to the substantial social needs facing South Africa, Auction Alliance has a responsibility to support the communities in which it is based and make a difference by supporting projects that benefit disadvantaged sectors of our society. Auction Alliance’s strong commitment to the development of South Africa and its people resulted in it securing a partnership with the globally recognized Habitat for Humanity organization.