NCC admits failure in the Auction Alliance case

After losing a chain of legal battles, the National Consumer Commission has now appointed a new chief commissioner who is focused on making amends and restoring trust, and has appointed a task team to handle the backlog of over 9,000 complaints. Ebrahim Mohamed’s refreshing influence has not gone unnoticed in comparison to the prior leadership’s antagonistic approach that authorized compliance notices without even investigating the complaints. In Johannesburg alone, many were issued compliance notices and one of these victims included Auction Alliance who received a compliance notice relating to a complaint by a businesswoman concerning ghost bidding at an auction in December 2011. Under Mohamed’s new leadership, terms and conditions of contracts are being changed and the resolution of complaints is being embarked upon and cordial solutions are being found for the existing problems. The new commissioner has admitted its own failure in the Auction Alliance issue, will not take it any further and has declared that it will take a much closer look at the auction industry.

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