New Bosses in Town

The recent closure of one of the largest auctioneering houses in South Africa was not such a disaster to its employees as expected and the shutdown of Auction Alliances (AA) brought about some outstanding opportunities for many of its employees. Members of staff had been working under the guidance of its owner, Rael Levitt, since the end of the 1990’s and Levitt had taught them everything they needed to know about the auction industry, which made it possible for many to set up their own businesses following closure. Born out of this closure was a group of energized personalities, whose entrepreneurial fortitude was obviously something that had rubbed off on them by working for so many years in such a dynamic environment. A large number of these individuals who had formed strong customer relationships during their employment at AA found the courage and strength of mind to go ahead and take the plunge in the wake of the fall and around 22 companies have actually risen from AA’s decline.

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