Just because the beleaguered residential property market in South Africa and many parts of the world are currently experiencing considerable turmoil, it doesn’t mean that we have to be all doom and gloom about the current state of the global and local economies. Don’t watch the news if you cant stomach the headlines. Why should you get dragged into all the negativity about how our economy is going down the drain? The truth is, there is another side of the issue that we never really hear about. What we don’t hear about, are the people in our economy who are getting rich right now in spite of the economic woes. There are also a number of shrewd people who are currently positioning themselves in such a way, that they can prosper greatly as soon as the economy begins to swing back into our favour.

There are a wide variety of different ways that you can make this happen, meaning that building wealth is possible, even when the economy is down or slow.  Although it may be rarely discussed in the mainstream media, there are a number of lucrative investments out there. As long as you are sharp-witted, there will always be ways for you to invest in such a way that you can earn a solid return, regardless of the state of the economy. There is absolutely no doubt that many people are in dire straits financially, but not everyone is in trouble, and some are making it big.

We are hearing plenty of news about people being retrenched, and unemployment numbers rapidly climbing, so how can we find out about which investments are still viable in this erratic economy of ours? Here is a hint: Think about things that people need as well as about what they perceive they need. For example, entry level houses and alcoholic beverages are still in massive demand, even when the economy is down. In other words, you can invest in the things that aren’t going away no matter how bad the economy seems to get.

You should also consider investing in companies that will help you save money on things like transportation, energy, food and entertainment. People are always looking for ways to stretch their Rands further, especially when it comes to buying things they need, or simply buying things that they believe they need.

Before you put your money into the investment ideas mentioned above, keep this in mind: You will do well to invest in these things now, but you could have done better by investing a year or two ago, because then you could be selling your investments at a much higher point than now. You could be taking serious profits on the sales you made, and re-investing them into the other businesses that are recession proof in nature. This really is not a difficult concept, so start taking advantage of it today!