South Africa’s Top 500 Companies Revealed

On October 1st the Topco Media Research Department released the list of the top 500 companies in South Africa, awarding Auction Alliance the ranking as the number one auction house in the country.

Top500, an annual directory of South Africa’s top companies, conducts research into the 100 key sectors in South Africa in order to identify major companies that are the driving force of the South African economy.

This news is very exciting for us. The award as the top auction house in the Top500 rankings represents a gilt-edged achievement. We continually push boundaries and work hard to strive towards providing innovative sales and auction solutions. When we receive an award of this magnitude it makes all the hard work worthwhile. Credit must go to the company as a whole.

For years we have been revolutionising the auctioneering industry in South Africa and have sold phenomenal amounts of assets in every corner of the country. Over the years skeptics have become muted, as auctions fast become the preferred method of buying and selling real estate.

Companies qualify for a listing in the Top500 only if they meet or surpass the 13 strict performance criteria established by the Topco Media Research Department. Only the top five performing companies in each sector get listed

The key areas on which companies are assessed are financial performance, people development and HR policies, as well as written company policies and procedures. The Top500 also ranks companies in the various sectors based on these 13 criteria. According to the Top500 website (, these criteria accurately identify the top South African businesses in their sector; credible businesses that are good at what they do and major companies that are the driving force of the South African economy.

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